Why We Are So Cool


Why are we so cool?

Well, we are actually regular parents just like you, but our diapers totally ROCK!!  And we’re not afraid to say it!!  Want to know what we think about parenting, and babies?  Well, for starters, it’s not all hummingbirds, teddy bears, and fluffy blue clouds!

Parenting is so easy – NOT!

We used to think we were busy before kids, when we worked 50 hrs a week, and had a billion outings to go to with friends.  HA!!  It’s rough, but we’d still never trade in our kids for a brand new Maserati (ok, maybe just for the day). Babies still rock, but maybe we can help make life a tad easier for ya!

Life, and kids, throw you all sorts of curve balls – and other unmentionable things.  While we try to navigate all these curves, we don’t want to feel stressed and pressured to fit our round pegs into square holes!  Rock-a-Bums totally gets it, guys.  We don’t want you to be stuffed into little square holes either.  Our mission in life: create kick-butt products, for cool moms and dads, that work in a variety of situations and lifestyles.

Whether you’re a tree hugger, hipster, or modern day maven, we’ve got you covered.  Who else makes a diaper decorated with skulls and crossbones that will actually prevent a poopy blowout of mass destruction?  Nobody, that’s who!!

Phase one of our mission: create the perfect cloth diaper.  Check. Our 5 in 1 diaper is not your grandma’s cloth diaper.  Our diaper is the only cloth diaper on the market that serves everyone.  Do you use disposables and just need an unbelievably cute way to avoid poopy blowouts?  Or are you sorta half and half and just want something that won’t generate so much trash but still need the convenience of flushing or throwing out a dirty diaper?  Or maybe you want to save your pennies washing all your own diapers, but still have no time to pin or fold old-fashioned cotton diapers?? Well, we’ve got all of you covered!

Our Rock-a-Bums diaper is guaranteed to keep you from dealing with poopy pants.  And who doesn’t want that???  Perfect mix of useful and awesome!

Yep.  We are Rock-a-Bums, and we totally want you to have it all, baby!!!